Thursday, July 7, 2011

Talent by Zoey Dean

Amazon Description: "It’s all about talent in LA: who has it, who doesn’t, who wants it, and who can find it first!

When thirteen-year-old Mac Armstrong witnesses newcomer Emily Mungler’s stellar lying-to-gain-entry performance during a movie premiere party at the Roosevelt in Hollywood, it dawns on her that her own talent is to discover it in others! So Mac and her BFFs set out to prove it by turning fresh-from- Cedartown-Iowa Emily into a box office bombshell. They’ll make deals, throw parties, crush on boys, all on the way to discovering that no matter how famous or important you are, friendship always comes first. Well, almost always."

My Review: This is one of those books that I just very randomly picked up at B&N (usually I go with specific books in mind)...and I ended up liking it a lot! At first, it seemed to be a bit of a copy of The Clique series---but I was pleasantly surprised, as the series went on. It was fun and lighthearted, with a more breezy and fresh feel to it. I had fun reading about the friendships and the fashion and the parties. Emily was a believable new girl, and I really enjoyed Mac's version of how to be the alpha. The Inner Circle was amusing and Ruby Goldman had me clenching my fists, she was THAT annoying (but she was the enemy, so it was okay). This book was, by no means, a deep and meaningful read, but it was a glossy little fun chick-lit book...a nice, easy way to pass some time.

Cover: I like the cover a lot! It was cute. The bright colors grabbed my attention and the palm trees and billboard really connected to the California/Hollywood theme. The word "talent" was nice and big and bold, and the models were all super-cute.

Overall Grade: A-

(Talent is part of a trilogy)

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  1. I never read the next two in the trilogy, but I really liked the first one. You're right, it was a fresh taste of a Clique-ish book!

    - M