Friday, July 8, 2011

serafina67 *urgently requires life* by Susie Day

Amazon Description: "Serafina doesn't have a boyfriend, doesn't have a best friend, and her parents fight all the time. But she does have a shiny new laptop (a present from her guilt-ridden and therefore overly generous dad). And with the shiny new laptop comes a shiny new identity: serafina67, blogging (and kissing) addict.

But in a year when the secrets turn serious, and friends and parents might not be what they seem, is spilling your whole life on the Internet such a bright idea? It might just lead to tears, trouble, hilarious online adventures and a fresh new take on writing---a novel told as a blog."

My Review: This book was, in my opinion, hilarious and fabulous. It's about the life of an average teenage girl in England who has some self-esteem issues and most likely has mild depression (but that in no way makes this book a gloomy read). I liked reading Sarah's blog; it was hilarious and modern. I'm a teen of the 21st century, so this was pretty fun for me to read. It got kind of confusing at times, because of the awful grammar and vocabulary Sarah used (on purpose, obviously), but I still made it through. The book made me laugh and it definitely made me sigh at the parts of her, as she calls it, "emo-flailiness" that I could relate to (can't we all?). Her emotions are real and raw and she speaks with a candid and funny tone. Her depressing moods occasionally got annoying, but that's what made up the whole character, so it was okay in the end. The end DID get a little confusing (probably because Sarah didn't know how to indent and start a new paragraph, so I was staring at a page of nonstop blithering words), but I managed to figure it all out. This book is great for anyone who's a fan of British chick-lit (as I am!) or anyone who really liked the TTYL books by Lauren Myracle.

Cover: The cover is simply, nothing fancy. I do like the daisy made out of characters, that's pretty great. The book doesn't look too eye-catching on the screen here, but the copy I have is a bright, obnoxious hot pink, so it would be sure to catch someone's eye in a store. Points off for the obnoxious color (well, for the copy I have, anyway).

Overall Grade: B-

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