Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last Christmas by Kate Brian

Amazon Description: "Ariana Osgood has everything an Easton Academy girl could want: straight A's, the perfect boyfriend, and a coveted spot in exclusive Billings House. But on the first night of Christmas vacation, a blizzard traps her on campus with irresistible bad-boy Thomas Pearson. Alone. Instead of snuggling with her boyfriend next to a cozy fire in Vermont, she's huddling for warmth with Thomas in Ketlar House.

As the snow transforms Easton into a winter wonderland, Ariana finds herself falling for Thomas. But someone is watching their clandestine romance unfold, someone intent on turning their holiday weekend into a nightmare...

Last Christmas reveals the secret of what really happened before Private began -- and the shocking truth will change everything for fans of Kate Brian's bestselling series."

My Review: [I haven't finished the Private series, but that's okay, because this is a Private prequel that is SPEFICALLY about Ariana Osgood, and she's only in the series for a few books, and I've read that far.] I liked this book. It was definitely eerie, the way Ariana killed people. Ever since I read the first seven or so books of the Private series, I always wondered how exactly Ariana killed people, and how she justified it, and Last Christmas told me just that. I loved seeing how exactly she got to know Thomas Pearson (something I had ALWAYS wondered about!) and parts of the story even made me feel a bit sympathetic towards her...which is saying a lot, as she's a bit of a serial killer (in her own schoolgirl way). It answered all my questions about Ariana and Thomas, and the ending made me shiver, especially since I knew what she was going to do later on in the Private series. This is a must-read for anyone who is a fan of the Private book series!

Cover: The cover isn't much; just a girl with some flashy lights behind her. That's not how I pictured Ariana at all, so points off for that, but the background is cute enough, I suppose. It's certainly glam looking.

Overall Grade: B+

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