Review Policy

When I review books, I'll include a summary (usually from Goodreads or, and then I'll write my own opinion of the book. I'm not going to write a rhetorical analysis of it, because frankly, I don't think anyone cares about stuff like that! I'll talk about the plot, the characters, the writing style, rhythm, et cetera. I'll also talk about the cover a bit and then give the book a final grade. 

Grading System:
A+ = This book was pure brilliance, couldn't get any better!
A- = This book was pretty good! Maybe one or two tiny flaws. 
B+ = A decent book that I enjoyed. 
B- = A decent book that could have stepped it up.
C+ = A book with good potential but needs work. 
C- = A book with...some potential. 
D+ = This book had maybe a few good points, but not really.
D- = This book had almost no good points. I dislike it a lot. 
F = This book was a complete and utter failure. I hated every moment of it. 

Also, the types of books I will review: I'll mostly be reviewing YA books of all type, but once in a while---maybe once or twice a year---I'll also review an adult book, or a non-fiction book. Because a book is a book is a book---and even teens can read adult books sometimes, yes? 

I also won't skew my review of a book to please anyone. If I disliked it, I will say so---and I will also say why. It's sad when I dislike a book and have to write a bad review---because someone out there might love the book---but I have to 100% honest in my reviews, so that is that. 

And that's all, for now! 


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