Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt

Amazon Description: "Eliza, 17, loses her possessions on a regular basis. None of them, however, matters as much as her purple notebook. Her notebook is where she lists the things she would love to do but is most afraid of doing, from asking a random guy to dance at a club to kissing a secret crush. Via text messages, she learns that her notebook is in the hands of her evil ex-boyfriend, Cooper. He and his friends, who are some of the most popular boys in school, threaten to make the contents of Eliza’s notebook public unless she spends one night doing some of the things on her list. How Eliza goes about trying to overcome her fears is both hilarious and inspiring; readers will rejoice with her when she sees that she’s survived and boosted her bravery. The frankly funny dialogue, related in Eliza's first-person voice, provides more laugh moments while ably delineating character. A satisfying look at what it means to face your fears."

My Review: I enjoyed this book; it was a cute and funny little chick-lit. The perfect summer or beach read, in my opinion. The plot was entertaining, and I enjoyed all of Eliza's little trips all over Boston. Her best friends were hilarious, especially the girly Clarice. Eliza was a mediocre character; she seemed a bit too whiny and crybaby to me, at times, when she could have tried to take charge of her life...but she had her bright moments as well, where she redeemed herself At times it felt like Barnholdt was writing for a younger audience, but that seemed to be the style. The book definitely kept me entertained and I've read it more than once. It's just a silly, light little read, all about wacky misadventures and friendships and relationships, all told through the narration of a "typical" teenage girl.

Cover: In my opinion, the cover is super-cute. It's what first got my attention. I like the Boston background and the ombre words. Here's a link to an alternate cover (that I kind of like better, but whatever):,r:3,s:0&biw=1138&bih=519

Overall Grade: B+

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