Monday, December 5, 2011

Shock Point by April Henry

Amazon Description: "Sixteen-year-old Cassie’s stepfather Rick is about to strike it rich with Socom, a new behavioral drug in which Rick is a big investor. But then Cassie discovers that Rick, a teen psychiatrist, has already been prescribing Socom illegally to his patients—and three teens have died.

Before she can report him, Rick has Cassie committed to Peaceful Cove, a sadistic boot camp for troubled teens in Mexico where the only way out is to graduate at age eighteen. Cassie knows she has to get out now, before more teens die from Socom. But no one has ever escaped from Peaceful Cove alive—and even if Cassie gets over the walls and survives the Mexican desert, will anyone believe her story?

A taut, psychological thriller ripped from today’s headlines, Shock Point deftly explores the cutting edge issue of behavioral drugs while taking readers on a roller coaster ride of action and suspense."

My Review: There are a lot of books about boarding schools, military schools and boot camps gone bad. It's not exactly a novel concept in YA books these days, so I wasn't expecting much. And yes, for the boot camp aspect of the book, it was relatively normal; I expected vicious treatment, starvation, no contact with civilization or parents...and that's what I got. However, the added story line about her step-father's illegal drug activities made it much more interesting to read, because instead of just expecting her to escape from the boot camp, I also needed to know what happened with her step-father and his crimes---so the extra, unique little plot kept me reading. The book was also well-written and clear and simple to understand; no silly twisted metaphors or choppy writing here! All in all, a decent effort.

Cover: I don't like the eyes peering out at the top---they look weirdly fuzzy and distorted, and I don't like it---but I do like the silhouettes of the palm trees and barbed wires against an ombre background. It makes it look strangely freaky.

Overall Grade: B-

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  1. okay, i think you misjudge this book a lot. Its a really good book in detail. its those types of books that make you feel like your the character.. i loved it.