Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kill You Last by Todd Strasser

Amazon Description: "Shelby's life in Soundview has always been comfortable. Her dad provides a luxurious lifestyle for his family through his photography business. He makes a ton of money taking headshots of pretty young teens who are desperate to become models. Shelby
has always enjoyed driving around town in a red sports car, shopping with her best friend at her side. And her Mom is laidback,so it's all good.

However, as reports of girls disappearing from nearby towns start to appear on the news, Shelby's seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart. The three missing girls have one thing in common--they were all clients of her dad's photography business. Secrets
begin to surface as the investigation continues. Shelby receives threatening e-mails, battles the nosy media, and tries to keep her family together. Now that her dad is implicated in the disappearances, can Shelby figure out a way to clear his name? Or is dad not as innocent as he seems?"

My Review: Pretty good! Strasser's first book in the Thrillogy was pretty decent, as is this book, the third one in the Thrillogy (yes, I'm skipping around---but since they're not connected, I don't think it matters what order I read them in...). Kill You Last wasn't AS creepy as it could have been, probably because the disappearances were all very distant and not close to Shelby at all, but all in all, it was a decent book. I kept wondering the whole time, Is it her dad? Is it not her dad? I can't tell! Strasser did a good job of keeping you hanging, and turning the pages. Shelby was an interesting character, very moral and perfect---I would have liked Strasser to get a little deeper into that. And I wanted to read more about her best friend, Roman. Best friends are always winning characters (usually). And the ending---well, the ending was a total shocker. Never even saw it coming---which is the mark of a good thriller book! Another job well done by Todd Strasser. Now I can't wait to read the second book in the Thrillogy, Blood On My Hands!

Cover: I didn't used to like these covers very much---they're kind of basic and cliche---but when you line all the Thrillogy covers up, they look kind of cool next to each other, so now I'm okay with the cover.

Overall Grade: B+

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