Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Million Suns by Beth Revis

Amazon Description: "Godspeed was fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos.

It's been three months since Amy was unplugged. The life she always knew is over. And everywhere she looks, she sees the walls of the spaceship Godspeed. But there may just be hope: Elder has assumed leadership of the ship. He's finally free to enact his vision - no more Phydus, no more lies.

But when Elder discovers shocking news about the ship, he and Amy race to discover the truth behind life on Godspeed. They must work together to unlock a puzzle that was set in motion hundreds of years earlier, unable to fight the romance that's growing between them and the chaos that threatens to tear them apart.

In book two of the Across the Universe trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Beth Revis mesmerizes us again with a brilliantly crafted mystery filled with action, suspense, romance, and deep philosophical questions. And this time it all builds to one mind-bending conclusion: They have to get off this ship."

My Review: A great sequel! I really liked the first book, and while I didn't think this book was better, I did think it was a great companion. It lacked some of the emotional depth of the first book, and there was less of an urgency to the mystery---but it all led to a WAY more explosive ending than the first book. After I read Across The Universe, I was highly interested in reading the sequel. Now, after reading A Million Suns, I'm DYING to read the last book. The ending was amazing and ended on a major cliffhanger. Like I said, the book lacked the emotional depth the first book had, but there were some things I liked more about it. Elder was an altogether more likable character, as was Amy, because she wasn't as whiny this time. (Come on---she was kind of a brat in the first book. We all have to admit it.) She matured a lot. The mystery Elder and Amy were trying to solve was pretty interesting and I liked how Orion had connections in it, even after being...disposed of. Orion is a character I'm still very interested in him, and I hope he plays a big part in the last book, Shades of Earth, instead of just being cyrogenically frozen the whole time. I also enjoyed seeing the effects of no more Phydus on the Godspeed. It kind of made you wonder: Is the freedom to choose always a good thing? Because, as you can see while reading it, being able to choose your own path led to a lot of chaos for the people of the Godspeed. Anyway, plot lines aside...A Million Suns was an enjoyable sequel to Across The Universe and it made me really excited for the third, and last, book. 

Cover: The cover is really nice! I like how they show a prettier side of the universe on these book covers, versus the cliche black-sky-and-white-stars image most of us. The colors chosen for the universe are what really make the cover beautiful. 

Overall Grade: A-

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