Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jet Set by Carrie Karasyov & Jill Kargman

Goodreads Description: "I'm Lucy Peterson, and let me tell you I don't fit in at my new boarding school in Switzerland at all. Caviar at every meal, white-tie affairs (because black-tie is so last season), trips to Geneva to pick up the latest couture, and real live royals lurking around every corner? None of that is really my speed. I'm just your average American teen, here on scholarship, ready to kick some academic and tennis butt so I can have my pick of Ivy League colleges.

Only now I'm falling all over myself to impress my crush, who just happens to be a prince, I've gotten myself tangled up in a tabloid disaster literally and the "It" clique on campus has decided that I am worthy of their evil scorn. What have I gotten myself into?"

My Review: I liked this book because it was set in Europe, and I'm a sucker for books set in Europe---especially books set in grand, fancy locations in Europe, like this one. The book was actually pretty cliche to read; I could guess basically the whole plot ten pages into the book. But it was still a fun, fluffy read. I liked the main character; she wasn't a passive twit, she actually stood up for herself, which was refreshing. The only BIG problem I had with this book was the dialogue. It was WAY too formal and fake. I understand that these kids are elitists and fancy and rich and stuff, but even Lucy---an army brat from the States---talked this way. They never used slang and they always said really strange, way-too-formal sounding phrases. And the conversations sounded unnatural, for a bunch of teenagers. But otherwise, it was an okay book.

Cover: Okay, I like this cover. I know: it's TOTALLY tacky and gauche, but hey, it's eye-catching! You've gotta give it that! And it's cheerful. I also like that part.

Overall Grade: B-

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